Using simple EIFS practices to create dynamic effects

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Using simple EIFS practices to create dynamic effects

Some of the more basic techniques in the EIFS industry can have the best results. One of the industry specifications is a control joint every 15 feet or so. What you can do is incorporate this into a design. We call these control joints v-grooves. The v-grooves can be placed in an ascetically pleasing pattern with very little effort and the results can be amazing. The foam can also be used to create some fabulous detail. The foam can be cutEIFS Detail | Exterior Insulation and Finish System into any shape or size and stuck to the wall before the fiberglass based cement is applied. A simple but effective way to get a good look is to cut foam pieces on a table saw  that are maybe 12 inches and the cut 8 inch pieces and stick them on top of each other to create a stair step. Many times we will do a 12′ and an 8″ over that and then a 4″ over that to give a 3 stair step at the roof line of a building.

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