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EIFS Repair ‘Tip Of The Day’ for 3-9-2011

A good plasterer will use a Curry trowel.

It is pretty common knowledge that Curry trowels are the best, well at least to all of us season vets of the plastering industry outEIFS Repair Curry Trowel there.  For everyone one else take my word for it, there is no better trowel on the market. If you are a EIFS guy, and you don’t have a Curry trowel in your tool bucket, then get you one you’ll love it. I personal use a 14 x 5 Curry Finishing Trowel which in my option is the perfect sized trowel for EIFS. It takes several months to break in a new trowel but after that you are golden with one of these trowels. It does not matter if you use Dryvit, Senergy, Master Wall, Sto or any other material a Curry trowel works the best with them all.

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EIFS History – Exterior Insulation and Finish System

A Little History

EIFS has been around for about 60 years now, but only been popular here in America since the 70’s . EIFS took commercial building by strom, prices soon fell and the EIFS product was affordable for every bussiness owner. Nearly one in very ten buildings in America features EIFS on the building. It was not long and the EIFS clad home was introduced. The EIFS industry moved into the residential market in the 80’s.  The application of EIFS has dymaticly changed due to the merge into the residential market after all building a home is much different that building a commericial building. It would only be resonable to assume the EIFS application would have to be modified for this new application. And after some growing pains the EIFS industry has perfected the residential application.

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