Repairing EIFS Stucco

The ascetics of repairing EIFS Stucco / Dryvit

There are a couple different ways to approach repairing EIFS stucco. What most people don’t know is that it is near impossible to repair a small area in the middle of the wall and not have it look like an eyesore. From a ascetics perspective resurfacing the entire wall is always going to be the best option. When it comes to dollars an cents it best just to patch a small area and call it a day. So, which way do you go? Well, that depends on a few factors. What type of person are you. Can you live with a patch on the wall or are you the type of person that now you know it’s there you will see it every time you pass it and it will drive you crazy. And, perhaps the more important thing, how much more is it going to cost. Of course, the extra cost is going to vary from patch to patch. Sometimes it is going to make sense to just go ahead and do it so it looks the best it can and other times it may take some careful consideration. Let me explain with a couple of examples. First let’s say we have some woodpecker damages to the trim around a window or door. You could patch the small damages by just addressing the actual holes. You would see these patches around the trim pretty easily especially when the sun hit them. Now, instead of just patching the holes we could resurface the trim around the door or window after patching with very little effort and material. The trim would look pretty close to new again. It makes perfect sense to resurface the entire area in this case. Now, let’s say the woodpecker damages the trim and got into some of the wall next to the trim as well. In this case to resurface it would be a much bigger job due to the fact the wall next to the trim would be a substantial amount of square feet to apply the material to.

In conclusion, if you have an endless amount of money it will always look better to resurface the entire wall the damages are on, but if you do not sometimes it makes sense to live with the look of a patch.

Painting EIFS Stucco Dryvit

Repairing EIFS Stucco

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EIFS Repair is online. Our mission is to educate the contractor, business owner, home owner and any one else that cares to learn about the proper way to apply EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System). We support ‘The Turcotte System‘; a water infiltration prevention standard that is catching on quick in the industry. The Turcotte System works wonders and does not involve any new or expensive techiques or materials. The most important thing to note about the system is it is not a water management system. Tell me, what business owner/ home owner wants to manage water that is inside the walls of there home or business. I would have to guess none. That is the thing about the Turcotte System it prevents the water from getting behind the walls in the first place. And like most things that work well it is very simple. It is exactly the same thing an EIFS applicator already knows how to do just in a different way, in a way the works to keep water from penetrating the foam. I am sure you can see why we think it is very important to educate anyone that needs an EIFS Repair done on the Turcotte System as a EIFS Repair could be avoided if the Turcotte System was used in the first place. The Turcotte System 2.o coming soon.

EIFS proven to be the best cladding on the market. EIFS is one of the most tested cladding’s on the planet. EIFS out preforms brick, stucco, concrete block and cementitious fiber board siding. Oak Ridge National Laboratory NET Facilities Research Project

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