EIFS Dryvit Stucco Repair Near Me

Since everyone these days is searching with their mobile device we figured it would be a good idea to include a EIFS Dryvit Stucco Repair near me page so you could easily find us from your phone. If your around town on your phone and you type or say Synthetic Stucco repair near me you will have a much better chance of finding us now. At least we hope. One of the biggest complaints we hear from customers is how long it took to find us.

We specialize in repairing Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) Stucco.

Which includes:

  • Moisture Testing
  • Woodpecker Holes
  • Missing flashing (kick out flashing, stone/brick ledge flashing)
  • Delaminating synthetic stucco
  • cracking and buckling
  • Flaking and peeling
  • Moisture damage
  • Caulking around EIFS doors and windows
  • Cleaning (power-washing)
  • Painting Exterior Insulation and Finish System
  • and more

Service Area:

We service Southeastern Michigan and surrounding area’s including Bloomfield, Birmingham, Brighton, Rochester Hills, Oakland Twp, Livonia, Canton, Troy, Monroe and pretty much everywhere in-between.

Our Experience Is Second To None

. There is no one in the business that has been doing EIFS repairs longer. We are the Exterior Insulation and Finish System repair guys. Typically, when we get to a repair job someone has already done something wrong and that’s why we are there. You need someone with experience and knowledge on how to fix these types of problems. You came to the right place because that is all we do.

Schedule An Appointment

To find out where we are going to be and book an appointment for us to come out you can visit eifsrepair.com/events. Our events page at eifsrepair.com has a pretty good daily schedule of the cities we will be in, so it makes it easy to find a day and time that works for you. After you figure out a good time you will still have to call us as we only update that schedule every few days, but it does help.

Call Us

Call 888-407-2609 When you call just press one to speak to a live person. We do a great job getting to all our calls but there is times where we just cannot get to the phone. You can just call right back and that usually works. We do not like leaving a customer with voicemail, so please if you hate voice mail like we do just call right back someone will answer.

EIFS Repair Spring 2020

Now is the time to think about your home’s EIFS Repair

Spring seems to be coming early this year which means it’s time to get those EIFS (EXterior Insulation and Finish System) repairs taken care of. Our schedule fills up pretty quick. There is no time to hesitate. With these 60 degree days we are going to have woodpeckers coming to roost. Typically the roosting season starts in April, but we have already had a few calls from customers with woodpeckers. It is important to get on the phone as soon as you hear them starting to knock on the house. Most people sit on the fence with their repairs until summer when the season is very busy and a lot of the time we are too busy. This is actually the best time to have us come out and look at your Synthetic Stucco repair project.

We have been in Ann Arbor, Port Huron, Bloomfield, Sterling Heights, Highland and Toledo this spring so far. If you have a repair and you are in the Southeastern Michigan area we would like to come out and take a look at it. Call 888-407-2609 to book your appointment. We fix delaminating stucco, missing kick out flashing, buckling, cracking, flaking, bird holes, truck damages, and much more.

wondering where we are today? Find out at www.eifsrepair.com

EIFS Repair Bird Holes

Exterior Insulation and Finish System Repair in Southeast Michigan

EIFS Repair Reviews – Sterling Heights, MI | Angie’s List

See reviews for EIFS Repair in Sterling Heights, MI at 44648 Mound Rd. from Angie’s List members or join today to leave your own review.

Source: EIFS Repair Reviews – Sterling Heights, MI | Angie’s List

We have been using Angie’s List for some time now. We have a lot of great reviews and maintain an A rating. Feel free to check out our page. We are one of the few contractors that specialize in Exterior insulation and Finish System and have been doing so for close to twenty years. Call 1-888-407-2609 for your free estimate in Southeastern Michigan for your next EIFS / Dryvit ™ stucco repair project.We would be happy to come out and take a look at it.

Another Beautiful EIFS / Dryvit Job in West Bloomfield

Absolutely beautiful EIFS / Dryvit home in West Bloomfield Michigan

Really feeling great walking away from such a good looking project in West Bloomfield

A lot of hard work and long days has really paid off. Just looking at this house all finished makes it all worth it. Lots of high detail on this one and some challenges setting up the scaffolding, but we where out of there in 4 weeks, so not to bad considering we did it right.  I would rather spend a little more time doing it right once than having to come back and do it again. I think the chimney was the hardest part.  The back porch was no picnic either. The owners were very happy with our work for sure.

It is very satisfying walking away from a job seeing such a great looking home. These people will be happy with the outside of their house for years to come.

Check out more of our projects on the Gallery page where you will find images of several jobs including some great pictures of roof rake repairs, column repair, signs, bird holes, and much more. We do complete remove and replace to fixing small holes. We have seen it all over the years that’s for sure. Call 1-888-407-2609 for your free estimate if you have a repair in Southeast Michigan.

EIFS / Dryvit house Bloomfield MI




Synthetic Stucco or Exterior Insulation and Finish System

Another Beautiful EIFS / Dryvit Job in West Bloomfield

Another EIFS Season Starting Soon

Another EIFS Season Starting Soon

Just around the corner is another EIFS  Season.

We are getting prepared for another EIFS season. We are already starting to book up quick which is a really good thing. Make sure you call to schedule your repairs. This season is sure to be busy. Read more Another EIFS Season Starting Soon

EIFS Recoating and Overcladding

EIFS Recoating and Overcladding

 Repair and EIFS recoating and overcladding may become necessary at some point in the life of EIFS structure.

To enhance the curb appeal of your building, recoating may be something you will feel is necessary at some point. By using the new science of EIFS lamina and shapes, your existing structure can be artfully changed and designed in order to achieve a totally new look in appearance due to the design you have chosen. If you are planning on selling or renting this is something you may want to look into, although if your building just needs some repair, an overcladding may be all you will need at this time and will be cost efficient.

 EIFS Repair

 EIFS Recoating and Overcladding | EIFS Repair | Dryvit | Synthetic Stucco


EIFS Certification

EIFS Certification

Your EIFS Applicator should be trained and have a Dryvit Certification

Keeping up to date on the EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System) industry and it’s ever changing technologies is key to being a good applicator. Building codes are changing from year to year with the ‘Green Moment’ at the fore front of American Building. New standards and technologies are being introduced to the Synthetic Stucco industry like never before. Test data from the Department of Energy indicates Exterior Insulation and Finish System will be a formidable product for years to come to help America reduce its energy consumption from the building sector, which at present uses about 10% of the worlds energy produced.

Corey Turcotte, eifsrepair.info, A display of current Certifications by Industry leading manufactures and Universities including BASF, Dryvit, Senergy, Master Wall, Parex, Build Design plus Construction University, and Hanley Wood University

Dryvit Certifications

Dryvit certified Applicator


  Outsulation System

The original system





Dryvit Cert Outsulation Plus  Outsulation Plus System

Uses the liquid moisture barrier over the substrate





Dryvit-Cert-Outsulation-X  Outsulation X System

Uses foam with a high R value but the foam cannot be sanded 






EIFS Certification

EIFS CertificationEIFS CertificationInfrared Thermography Inspection Training Course

EIFS repair thermal imaging


A thermal imaging camera is a great tool to have if you do EIFS repairs for a living. 





Master Wall Exterior Insulation and Finish System Applicator Certification

EIFS Certification


Master Wall Applicator Certification







Parex Applicator Certification

EIFS Certification



Parex Applicator Certification







EIFS Certification BASF Online Campus For High-Performance Construction


High Performance EIFS for Sustainable Construction





EIFS Certification

BASF Online Campus For High-Performance Construction


 Sealant Repairs that Last: Hybrid Sealants for Building Restoration





Spray Polyurethane Foam Air Barriers BASF Online Campus For High-Performance Construction


Spray Polyurethane Foam Air Barriers







Hanley Wood University – Continuing Education & Training
for Architects, Builders, Contractors and Remodelers

EIFS CertificationProperties and Benefits of Exterior Insulated Finishing Systems (EIFS) – Sponsor, EIMA (EIFS Industry Members Association)







EIFS CertificationContinuous Insulated Claddings for Energy Efficiency and Architectural Diversity – Dryvit ® Dryvit Care ® 







 Build Design + Construction University

BASF Sustainable Construction Academy

EIFS CertificationNew Developments in Concrete Construction







An Overview of Pest Bird Deterrent Systems Certification


EIFS Bird Deterent SystemAn overview of bird deterrent products, along with the characteristics of common pest birds, bird problem assessment, and the issues and concerns associated with the roosting and nesting of pest birds.





Manage Moisture: Solutions for Exterior Walls

EIFS Repair Michigan

Common mistakes that lead to moisture failures, how to recognize them and then prevent them. 





Moisture Management in Walls

EIFS / Dryvit Repair in Southeast Michigan

Managing and preventing moisture in residential walls






EIFS certification

Note: All company names and programs are registered trademarks of there respected companies and are not affiliated with eifsrepair.info.  

EIFS / Dryvit Certification