A paint brush is an important to for an EIFS Applicator

An EIFS Applicator relies on his Paint Brush when doing repairs to feature the EIFS material into the existing wall.

EIFS Repairs and your paint brush explained by an EIFS Applicator

A good EIFS Applicator knows your paint brush is used in just about every EIFS repair or patch. I always feather the base coat and finish coat into the existing EIFS material to obtain a smooth transition from the repair to the existing wall. The one major down fall of EIFS repair is they can been seen in certain light and at times can really look pretty bad. And it can be that the person doing the repair does not know what they are doing or that they did not take the time to get it right. But even when a professional takes his time and everything is done right it can still look pretty bad in the right sun light.  One of the most important ways to make sure you are going to make your EIFS patch look it’s best is to feather out the base coat and the finish coat so it is a seamless transition from the patch to the existing EIFS. When using you paint brush you want to brush out away from the patch. The goal is to take away the edge of cement and feather it out. To explain further, we taped off the area when it is ready for base coat and apply the cement mix to the patch. Then pull the tape off and you have a perfectly square patch. Now, you will apply another round of tape about 1 -2 inches from your perfectly square EIFS patch. Take take your paint brush and feather the edge of the EIFS material out to the new round of tape. This will still give you a nice square professional looking patch but very smooth and it will be much harder to see the transition from the existing EIFS to your patch. When you do the Finish coat I like to do the same thing. Keep in mind that you only have so long to work with the finish before it starts to dry and if you continue to mess with the finish coat after it begins to dry you will burn it. Which means you have continued to float the finish after it has begun to dry and that really looks bad and there is really no way to fix it besides letting it dry and doing it again. So, be careful when doing the finish coat. Note: If is 90 degrees and you are doing a patch in the direct sun do not even try to do the second layer of tape.


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Getting an EIFS patch to look right

EIFS Repair Tip Of The Day for 3-22-2011

Getting an EIFS patch to look right. How to repair EIFS

One of the keys to getting an EIFS patch to look right is to make sure the patch is feathered in correctly. The patch will stick out from the wall slightly more than the rest of the wall which may not seem like a big deal, but when the sun shines on it the patch will stick out like a sore thumb. The key to preventing this from happening is to use a paint brush to feather your brown mud out past the actual patched area a few inches in all directions. Then when the finish is run the same thing is done. The finish should be feathered a few inches into the existing finish then lightly hit with the float to knock down any high spots. It is important to get a real good texture and color match for best results.

The only other way to do an EIFS Patch in the middle of the wall and have it look alright is to tape off the area to be repaired in a square block. Do the repair and pull the tape after you run the finish coat. The repair will look nice and square like you planned it to look like that, but this technique will show an obvious patch.

Running the EIFS coast to coast (from stopping point to stopping point) can be very expensive on large walls so it is practical to do the EIFS repairs in many situations.

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