Another Beautiful EIFS / Dryvit Job in West Bloomfield

Absolutely beautiful EIFS / Dryvit home in West Bloomfield Michigan

Really feeling great walking away from such a good looking project in West Bloomfield

A lot of hard work and long days has really paid off. Just looking at this house all finished makes it all worth it. Lots of high detail on this one and some challenges setting up the scaffolding, but we where out of there in 4 weeks, so not to bad considering we did it right.  I would rather spend a little more time doing it right once than having to come back and do it again. I think the chimney was the hardest part.  The back porch was no picnic either. The owners were very happy with our work for sure.

It is very satisfying walking away from a job seeing such a great looking home. These people will be happy with the outside of their house for years to come.

Check out more of our projects on the Gallery page where you will find images of several jobs including some great pictures of roof rake repairs, column repair, signs, bird holes, and much more. We do complete remove and replace to fixing small holes. We have seen it all over the years that’s for sure. Call 1-888-407-2609 for your free estimate if you have a repair in Southeast Michigan.

EIFS / Dryvit house Bloomfield MI




Synthetic Stucco or Exterior Insulation and Finish System

Another Beautiful EIFS / Dryvit Job in West Bloomfield

EIFS Repair Contractors Michigan

EIFS Repair Contractors Michigan

Are you having trouble finding EIFS Repair Contractors in Michigan

One of the most common things we hear from our customers is that they had a hard time finding EIFS Repair contractors in Michigan. There are a few reasons for this. The first reason is that most contractors don’t want to take on small jobs they would rather take on the bigger full installs rather than a small repair. Not to say that all repairs are small, but a good majority of them are. Another reason you will have a hard time finding someone to take on a repair is that the repairs are much harder to than a full install. With a full install you know exactly whaCarpenter Working.svg.thumbt your getting into, but with a repair you never know what might be in behind there. You would be surprised what some contractors do, and with a repair you might get into a lot more than you bargained for without even realizing it. With that being said it makes it very difficult to bid the repairs. You can not be sure what was done before you got there until you start pulling it off the wall. No body is going to leave the bid open ended until you pull everything off the wall. One of the main reasons it is hard to find a good Synthetic Stucco repair guy in MI is that it takes a high level of skill to come in and fix someone else’s mistakes. It’s pretty straight forward installing a product from scratch over an approved substrata, but when something goes wrong and it breaks down that’s when you need to call in the experts.  EIFS repair contractors Michigan Not all repairs are rocket science, but when it comes to fixing something that is broke most contractors will pass that up for something easier. It’s pretty hard to make a repair look really good as well. When a home owner needs a repair on their house they want it to look perfect. after all this is their home. It is near impossible to make a Exterior Insulation and Finish System repair look perfect that’s for sure. Trust me we have been doing home repairs on Synthetic Stucco for over 25 years. You can really make a mess out of it if you are not one of the absolute best in the business and have some patience. You can be very good with a trowel and even one of the best plasterers around, but without patience you will not be good at repairs. Most contractors have the go go go attitude. The more square footage we get done the more money we make, but with repairs it is much different. The first thing I always say with repairs is slow down. Let’s figure why this happened. Then figure out a plan of attack, and then adjust that plan as we get into.  Speed has no business in repairs. If you have ever worked for any plastering contractor I don’t think you will hear the words slow down too often. It takes a special type of person to do repairs and as a contractor most of your guys will not be cut out for it, so why would you take on the repairs. Less money, takes more time, and the guys hate doing them because they are so difficult.

Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) also known as Synthetic Stucco or Dryvit ®

EIFS Repair Contractors Michigan

Another EIFS Season Starting Soon

Another EIFS Season Starting Soon

Just around the corner is another EIFS  Season.

We are getting prepared for another EIFS season. We are already starting to book up quick which is a really good thing. Make sure you call to schedule your repairs. This season is sure to be busy. Read more Another EIFS Season Starting Soon

EIFS Liquid Moisture Barrier

EIFS Liquid  Moisture Barrier

An in depth look at EIFS Liquid Moisture Barrier

Traditionally, the substrate (OSB) was wrapped with a cloth type building wrap, but after some pretty extensive testing done by The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) it was proven that a EIFS liquid moisture barrier is much more effective in an EIFS application for moisture drainage. Read more EIFS Liquid Moisture Barrier

EIFS – Remove and Replace

EIFS – Remove and Replace

Here will we walk through a complete EIFS – Remove and Replace on a 91 unit commercial project.

A complete EIFS – Remove and Replace can be one the the most demanding tasks of EIFS Repair. The first ting to consider is why the system failed in the first place and figure out a plan to make sure the newly installed system will not have the same issues. In this case the existing Dryvit was over 20 years old, and the Next Generation of EIFS will be a huge part of addresses issues the old Dryvit had. Unfortunately, some of the issues were design issues and the budget does not have enough money to do any structural changes there is just enough money to complete the EIFS remove and replace.

I will be working on this post over the next few weeks … stay tuned for the rest of the story.

Job Site images (more to come)

EIFS – Remove and Replace

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