Terminating EIFS at the ground

It is not a good idea to have EIFS to close to the ground for several reasons. First and foremost, you do not want water to get in behind it so obviously you would not want it right down to the ground. But how high up does it have to be and what do you do with that area that is not done in EIFS down there? That is the question your customer will ask and what the always want to hear is that it will look the same as the rest of the wall. But, more often than not, the 4″ or 8″ that is not done in EIFS down there is just left by the EIFS contractor and the owner paints it the same color and it all flakes off in no time and looks bad.
I would suggest to put a direct apply on the area before sticking the foam and take it up past the 8″ mark and Mesh and brown like normal and then when you run finish you could just run it all and it would all look the same and there would be no foam down there any longer so the water would not get in behind to cause any damage. This way the entire wall looks complete and the EIFS will not fail from water getting in behind the foam.
Seems like a no brainer but I see a lot of buildings with that 8″ gap at the bottom that does not have EIFS or even worse the EIFS with the foam all the way to the ground.


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