EIFS Sealant

EIFS Sealant

Use an approved EIFS Sealant when caulking Synthetic Stucco

A low modulus approved Sealant is used as a weather sealant in order to seal joints. This sealant is used in order to have the best paint-ability where painting is required. A durable watertight, flexible seal will form and the adhesion to EIFS and other porous surfaces is reflected in an outstanding curb appeal for your building. Dryvit or any premium primer will be acceptable in order to ensure proper adhesion to EIF System and other porous surfaces such as masonry surfaces.  The Spectrem line is recommended for use on new and remedial construction as a weather seal.  Sealant may be used for restoration as well as repairs.  It can be easily painted over with great results using an EIFS manufacturer paint product.  Dryvit offers a sealant that at 50% compression at 70 degrees c (158 degrees f) on limestone, brick, concrete as well as concrete showed no stains after 14 days.  Your Exterior Insulation and Finish System surface must be free of any foreign substances such as water, frost, grease or oil and including old sealant, dirt and efflorescence   A base coat of primer should be used.  EIFS Caulking and SealantsIn order to have a warranty for your Exterior Insulation and Finish System sealant from Dryvit a field adhesion test shall be utilized by the contractor in order to verify the adhesion characteristics as well as the compatibility with the specific materials you are using as an Synthetic Stucco sealant.  You may follow Dryvit’s Field Adhesion Test Procedure with the results being submitted to Dryvit’s Warranty Department.You may apply the  primer full strength with a brush or a roller.  Applying a thin coat that is uniform and no more than 1 mil when wet.  You do not want to over apply the sealant although some very porous surfaces may require a second coat.  The primer must be dry before applying the sealant.  It should take the primer about 15-30 minutes.  You must do the priming and sealing on the same day. If the sealant is not applied on the same day you would have to reprime.  Metal and such non-porous surfaces must be clean and rust free.  You may use a solvent to clean it with which is available at most sealant / building supply houses.

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EIFS Sealant

New Home owner with EIFS – Question

My question as a new homeowner with EIFS, should I avoid all together
putting any kind of nails or screws in the EIFS for fear it will allow
moisture in. I am thinking of hanging some planters, a piece of
grillwork, and a hose holder. Is there a special way to insert a screw
or nail to prevent introduction of moisture? Thank you.

That is a very good question Joyce, and you are right to that the nail or screw hole will allow moisture and over time can even cause some real problems. What you will need to do first is to get some screws long enough to go through the EIFS system and into the sub-straight. It is important to make sure each screw hole is sealed with silicon caulk. The reason I say silicon caulk is that the silicon caulk will not eat away at the foam like other caulks will.

With that all being said I would like to tell you about a conversation I had the other day with a rep from STO about a cool way to do this process. How it works is that you get some PVC tubing and use it for a mounting bracket. First you will use a drill to cut a hole of the desired diameter and push the piece of PVC with a small amount of adhesive (once again make sure you use a foam friendly adhesive like PL Premium)  into the hole making sure the tubing is flush with the EIFS System. Now you can run your screw in your home made hole and fill with caulk. With this system if the nail or screw were to fall out of need to be replace you can simply pull out the caulk and replace it all nice and clean. Having the PVC will help with the heavy things like planters as well you have to keep in mind that there is only foam back there. I really like this idea. I feel this process would work great for filling the holes on store fronts after the side has been removed.

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