Keeping your tools clean

EIFS Repair Tip Of The Day for 3-11-2011

Keeping your tools clean.

For an EIFS applicator it can be hard to keep the tools clean. On a really hot day it only takes a matter of minutes for the alpha base coat or finish coat to dry up on the tools. After the material is dry on the tools it is a task to get it off. There is an easy fix to this problem. Simply carry a bottle of WD-40 with you and spray the back side of your hawk and trowel with it. The base coat or finish will dry on the tools but it scraps right off. With a layer of oil between the trowel and the mud it allows the mud to fall right off very easily.

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A quick overview of the EIFS installation process

EIFS installation process

An overview of the Exterior Insulation and Finish System or EIFS installation process

Exterior Insulation and Finish System / EIFS  installation process is as follows:

EIFS (Exterior insulation and Finish Systems) also known as synthetic stucco.

That was a quick overview of the EIFS process

Kick out flashing is a very important part of the EIFS install that seems to be over looked by contractors. We have an article explaining kick out flashing including what it is used for and how it should be installed.

Another important aspect of an EIFS installation is a water drainage system which we have covered in depth for you in a separate article as well. The Water Drainage System is very important to get right because if you don’t the substrate of the structure could be damaged if it is not used. We have taken the Water Management System on huge step further with our Water Prevention System.

EIFS installation process

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EIFS installation processEIFS Repair – Exterior Insulation and Finish System – Synthetic Stucco