Rochester Stucco

Rochester Stucco seems to be popular for marketing companies to copy. Before I get to far along, let me introduce myself. I am Corey Turcotte, the stucco guy that actually does the stucco work in Rochester. Seems like a lot of my calls are coming from websites pretending to be a Rochester Stucco company, and really they are forwarding the calls to me, and then charging me for the calls they send me.

To keep costs down it would help if you just called me direct at 888-407-2609.

When you call my number you will have to press the number one to get connected directly to my cell phone. I will answer with, ‘hello this is Corey’, for the most part anyway… it is possible that I am away from my cell, but I am pretty diligent about answering my phone, and talking personally with my customers. I maybe old school, but I think it is important to talk to customers myself. When you call and talk to me for a few minutes it will be evident that I am someone who really knows their stuff. 30 years of experience is the reason.

Specializing in repairing synthetic stucco also known as EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System) or Dryvit.

Free estimates in Southeastern Michigan and Toledo Ohio. Call 888-407-2609 for your free estimate.

Rochester Stucco


  • Moisture intrusion
  • Delaminating stucco
  • Cracking and buckling
  • caulking around stucco windows and doors
  • Missing flashings
  • Flaking and peeling
  • And more

Rochester and the surrounding area is a big part of our service area we do many jobs in this area every season. Bloomfield, Rochester, Troy, Farmington, Birmingham are all cities we do a lot of work in. If you have a project you would like us to look at in one of these areas call because we are in these areas on a weekly basis.

Rochester Stucco