EIFS Visual Inspection

EIFS Visual Inspection

A DIY Mobile App to help you preform an EIFS Visual Inspection

Our Mobile App is near completion. This new APP will help you with your EIFS Visual Inspection using images and video clips to walk you through the most common things to look for when doing a visual inspection of you EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System). Visually inspecting your EIFS once a year can keep your EIFS looking good and prolong the life of your EIFS. Identifying issues as they arise can dramatically reduce the cost of repairs if needed. Most of the time the surrounding materials is what fails and causes moisture to infiltrate the system and cause havoc or a contractor does not follow the manufacturers specifications when installing the system. We still recommend contacting a professional at least every few years to do a proper and through EIFS inspection including moisture testing. The Mobile App is available for Android and Iphone. We even have a version of the App you can use on your laptop or desktop computer. If you would like to beta test the App for us send us a request and we can send you an email link to the EIFS Visual Inspection Mobile App.

Soon we will have download links to the APP here

EIFS Inspector – Mobile App


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EIFS Visual Inspection

EIFS a Visual Inspection