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Welcome to EIFS Repair, call (1-888-407-2609) for your free estimate. We are the best in the business when it comes to repairing this product. With over a dozen certifications and certificates you would be hard pressed to find a more accredited applicator. Servicing Southeastern Michigan and Toledo Ohio. We have been applying the product for over 30 years and focusing on repairs for the past 20 years. Doing repairs every day for a living without other things on our plate makes us hands down the industry leaders.

Our Service Area:

Southeastern Michigan and Toledo Ohio


  • delaminating stucco
  • peeling and flaking
  • vehicle damage
  • woodpecker holes
  • improper flashing at brick/stone ledge
  • missing kickout flashing
  • improper termination
  • moisture testing
  • and more

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Moisture Barrier

It is important to use a moisture barrier before installing the foam over wood. There are two types of moisture barriers we use. One is a cloth barrier and the other is a liquid barrier. The two barriers are not equal and have there pros and cons. First we will go over the pros and cons of the cloth barrier.

Cloth Barrier


  • Cheap
  • Fast to apply
  • Low skill level to apply


  • Holes are made in the cloth when installed
  • Holes are made in the cloth when the foam is installed
  • If moisture is trapped behind the system it will make it past the cloth to the wood through the holes
  • We see a lot of repairs with cloth barriers

Liquid Barrier


  • No holes are made on install
  • Rubberizes the wood so even if moisture gets behind the system it can not rot the wood
  • We have never had a repair that had liquid moisture barrier


  • Much more expensive
  • Labor intensive
  • Messy
EIFS Stucco Repair

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