How to match the color for an EIFS repair

How to match the color for an EIFS repair.

EIFS Repair ‘Tip Of The Day’ for 3-23-2011 – How to match the color of an EIFS repair

One of the hardest things with doing an EIFS repair is matching the color. As I have said in previous posts it is best to go coast-to-coast with all your patches. But, even then it is imperative that the new patches color matches with the rest of the building.  The best way to insure your patch is going to match the existing building is to cut a 3 ich by 3 inch square from the damaged area. I know that sounds bad to make the patch even bigger, but it is by far, the best way to make sure it is going to match. Even if you have the color code from the customer, that does not mean it is not going to be an exact match. The building has been done for some time, and the weather and other environmental conditions have faded the color to some degree.  Having the exact color that went on the building, and from what manufacturer is a great plus, and gives you a good place to start with the color, but some tweaking is going to be in order. Hopefully your local material house has a good color guy on staff. I usually spend a an hour or so with him getting the color exact.

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How to match the color of an EIFS Repair
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How to match the color for an EIFS repair.