EIFS Repair Kit Pro

EIFS Repair Kit Pro

The new EIFS Repair Kit Pro is available for purchase

The EIFS Repair kit Pro is similar to the original Kit except it does not come with all the tools to complete the job just the materials (complete list of whats in the Pro Kits). There are three versions of the Pro EIFS Kit. There is Fine, Medium and Coarse kits. The  only difference between the three pro kits are the types of finish coat included in the kits. Before ordering the pro kit you will have to determine what type of finish texture you have on your wall.

The EIFS Repair Kit Pro Comes with Finish, Cement Mix, Fiberglass Mesh,  and a float.

With the pro kit there is 3 times the material of the original kit. This kit will cover 15 square feet compared to the 5 square feet of the original EIFS Repair Kit.

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Don’t know what Finish you need  check out our EIFS Texture Chart

We use Paypal, the famous Ebay Company for our Online Purchases, we will never have your personal information, it will all be handled by Paypal, so you can have complete peace of mind purchasing The EIFS Repair Kit.

Note: The DIY kit works with all brands of Exterior Insulation and Finish System aka Synthetic Stucco or Dryvit including Dryvit, Senergy, STO, Master Wall, Parex etc.

 The kit was designed for home owners with small holes in the system that they needed fixed, but could not find an applicator in the area that they lived to come out and fix it. It is pretty hard to find someone that will come out and fix 3 woodpecker holes. There is just not enough money in it for them to waste that much time.Now, home owners with Synthetic Stucco clad homes can fix these small repairs themselves with a little time and work. We started getting owners that had more than just a few woodpecker holes and a few businesses with them same type of problem but needed just a little more material to fix there problems. So, we created the pro kits. With these kits you have to pick the texture and we send out just that texture. It works out to about 3 times the material in the pro kit because you have just what you need and nothing else. Before ordering your pro kit make sure you take a good look at the texture chart and determine what texture you need. The pro kit still comes with all the same directions as the regular kit. The only things you do not get are the things you can pick up at your local hardware store like tape, gloves,  cover up, etc.
Pro EIFS Repair Kit

EIFS Repair Kit Pro