The Do It Yourself EIFS Repair Kit – The Trowel

The Do It Yourself EIFS Repair Kit

The trowel is a very important tool in the EIFS Repair Kit

The EIFS Repair Kit includes a trowel which is your application tools. The shape of the trowel is perfect for scoping out the cement mix and gives you a great way to spread EIFS Repair Kit Trowelthe cement smoothly onto the wall. The EIFS cement mix is made to be applied very thin, approx. 1/8″ thick with little waves or bumps in the cement coat. The cement coat should be applied with great detail to perfection as the finish coat will only look as good as the cement coat under it. If you can not get it smooth you can let you best work dry and come back and sand it smooth. The best think to sand the cement coat with is floor sand paper. You can find floor sand paper at your local home improvement store. Another thing to keep in mind is that your cement will dry up after time and become very hard to work with. The dry time has a lot to do with the temperature. If you are working on a cloudy 60 degree day you may have about 45 minutes to work with your cement before it begins to show signs of drying up. But if you are out on a sunny 90 degree day you may only have about 10 minutes to complete your project. Keep in mind that the EIFS material should never be applied in weather that is below 40 degrees.

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