EIFS / Dryvit Repair Monroe Michigan

EIFS / Dryvit Repair

EIFS / Dryvit Repair in Monroe Michigan

The metal copping at the radiuses is failing and causing some damage to the EIFS / Dryvit. The EIFS / Dryvit repair is a two stage fix. First we will have to address the failing copping and then fix the damaged EIFS. We have already talked about the cost and we will do our best to keep this repair from breaking the bank with the economy the way it is and business being down. The entire roof was flashed correctly except the radiuses. Without tearing what is there off it is impossible to be 100 % sure of what is gone wrong. But from my vast experience I would have to say that there are a few things that have lead to this  damage. First and formost is the flashing is not good at all round the radius. It has screw through it is places which should not be, and if they were to put screws in the metal they should for sure have been sealed, which they are not. But, even worse is that the corners and not tight they have gaps up to a 1/4″ in places. Even with the metal like this a membrane on the roof and down onto the EIFS would have really helped and would not have allowed the water to get behind the EIFS like that. Also, I am sure the EIFS itself was not base coated at the top edge. It is a place many contractors will over look because a metal cap is going over the roof anyway. But, it is important as an EIFS contractor to base coat there in case of a metal failure.

With that all being said I will suggest the best way to address these issues.  Again keep in mind that this my not be the best way to do these repairs and maybe not by the book, but given the economy and the way business is way down I have come up with a very seasonable fix that should last a long time.

I think we should remove the existing metal very carefully. Then mesh and base coat the top of the EIFS bringing it down onto the existing EIFS about and 1 and 1/2″. Then we will put a membrane  on the radius and bring the membrane onto the EIFS as well about 1 and 1/2″. The we will re-install the metal.

I believe this will be the most bang for the buck. As you know I talked with the roofer, and to fabricate these pieces it will cost a small fortune.

EIFS dryvit repair

EIFS / Dryvit Repair