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The Dryvit System

Dryvit is one of the largest EIFS manufacturers in the world and they did an excellent job of marketing the EIFS product. In fact they did such a good job that the entire industry was know as Dryvit until recent years. Dryvit did much like Rollerblade®  did with inline skates. We now, for the most part, refer to the industry as the EIFS industry, and there are a few manufacturers of the EIFS product, Dryvit being one of them. Each manufacturer of EIFS has there own terminology of the products, so it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basic Dryvit lingo.

Lets first look at the materials that are used in a typical EIFS project.

  • Flashing
  • Flashing Tape
  • Air / Water Barrier
  • Back Wrap
  • Foam
  • Adhesive to stick foam
  • Mechanical Fasteners
  • Base Coat
  • Fiberglass Mesh
  • Primer
  • Finish
  • Sealant
  • Caulk


FlashingKick Out Flashing is commonly used with Dryvit residential applications

Flashing Tape – Dryvit calls there Flashing Tape, Flashing Tape™ and they have a new liquid Flashing Tape called AquaFlash®.

Air / Water Barrier – Backstop® is a liquid air and water barrier.

Back Wrap – Detail Mesh is used for back wrapping.

Foam – The Insulation Board comes in a variety  of thicknesses, and comes with or without vertical drainage grooves.

Adhesive to stick foam – The foam can be stuck to the wall with adhesive or mechanically fastened. Genesis® and Primus ® are the names of the adhesive base coat used to stick the foam, which come in several variations depending on the specific application.

Mechanical Fasteners – The fasteners are not a Dryvit product, but they do sell them.

Base Coat – The Base Coat is the exact same material used to stick the foam. Genesis® and Primus ®

Fiberglass Mesh – There is a wide assortment of fiberglass mesh available including Standard Mesh; Intermediate Mesh; Corner Mesh; Panzer 15 Mesh; Panzer 20 Mesh; Ultramesh; I.S. Reinforcing Mesh; Standard Plus Mesh; 4″ Reinforcing Mesh; Detail Mesh

Primer – Color Prime ™ is used before the finish is applied.

Finish – Dryvit has three classes of finish Standard Finishes, Elastomeric Finishes, Specialty Finishes. Standard Finishes include Demandit®, E™ Finishes, Exterior Finishes and Coatings, Freestyle®, Interior Finishes, Medallion Series Finishes (PMR), Mojave E, Quarzputz ®, Revyvit ®, Sandblast®, Sandpebble®, Sandpebble® Fine, Sandpebble® Fine NT, Sandpebble® NT, StucCoat® Finishes, Weathercoat ™ (Smooth).

Sealant – SealClear ™ is applied over the Finish Coat

Caulk – Dryvit does not sell caulk, but is a necessary step in sealing the product. According to Dryvit Spectrem® 1, Spectrem® 3, and Spectrem® 4-TS have been tested and approved for Dryvit applications.

Over 2 billion square feet of Dryvit has been applied in North America. For more information on Dryvit visit the Dryvit Guru at www.dryvit.guru

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