Don’t fall for this up-sell when painting your next EIFS Stucco project

Less is more when painting EIFS Stucco / Dryvitâ„¢

Painting an older EIFS Stucco building or home can be a challenge and many of you may already have had an issue with it when hiring a painting contractor that does not have much experience painting the product. Even the most experienced painters can mess up painting this product. Exterior Insulation and Finish System does not react like other products when it is painted. The manufacturer actually makes a specific paint for the product and you have to be certified by the manufacturer before buying their material. For the past five years or so, I have noticed local painting companies pushing this paint that is like super paint that will seal the EIFS and not allow moisture to penetrate it. Typically, the moisture issues with this type of exterior stucco does not come from the material itself breaking down, but from moisture getting behind it due to other products around it failing or not being done right (like flashing, caulking, windows, etc.). In most cases, when the stucco material has broken down it is because of another problem.

The paint that they are pushing has a lot of elasticity to it and is waterproof. This makes for a thick paint that covers everything very well and is a very easy sell for them when they talk about the moisture issues the product has had. The problem is that when moisture gets behind the system from a leaky window or some missing flashing, this paint will hold the water because it does not breath like regular paint. The paint holds the water in bubbles on the building when it rains, but that’s not the worst problem with using this paint. Once a painted area is damaged and needs to be repaired it does not hold up well. In a freeze-thaw environment, the elasticity in the paint moves at a different rate than the cement used in the patch and ends up popping off the wall. Obviously, this does not happen to every patch, but when it does happen it is such a huge pain that it is not worth using this type of paint. Don’t fall for this up-sell it really does sound good and they guy selling you this probably believes it is better, but believe me it is not.

Painting EIFS Stucco Dryvit

Please, when painting EIFS stucco don’t use the paint with the added elasticity that makes it waterproof.