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EIFS Contractor Problems ?

Is your EIFS project getting done correctly? If not, report the EIFS contractor with our new App.

The EIFS industry has had some problems over the years and a lot of it has to do with applicators not applying the product correctly. With this new App we are giving the knowledge of how an EIFS job is suppose to be done to the owners and contractors that are hiring the EIFS applicators, so they can keep them in check and find out if the applicator they have hired is applying the EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System) correctly. Download our EIFS reference guide from our Facebook page which will give you a good basic idea of how the product should be installed. Of course the guide does not cover every situation you may come across in the field, but it does cover the basics and gives home and business owners the knowledge they may need to ask the right questions to their EIFS applicators.

How the App works. The App allows you to to take an image or a short video of the work in question, the job location, contact information and send it in a report. Then it will be reviewed and someone will get ahold of you to discuss the project and the application of the product. Every project is different and each one is handled according to the situation. It may be handled with a simple phone call or email or someone may come out and meet with you at the job site.

App presented by eifs.guru and Corey Turcotte. Check out our other EIFS Apps including our newest App – EIFS Visual Inspection – which will guide you through a do it yourself visual inspection of your home. Don’t for get to download our EIFS Repair App which will help you get in contact with an EIFS Repair professional.

EIFS Contractor

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EIFS Contractor  Problems ? – Report an EIFS Contractor

EIFS Visual Inspection

EIFS Visual Inspection

A DIY Mobile App to help you preform an EIFS Visual Inspection

Our Mobile App is near completion. This new APP will help you with your EIFS Visual Inspection using images and video clips to walk you through the most common things to look for when doing a visual inspection of you EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System). Read more EIFS Visual Inspection