The Do It Yourself EIFS Repair Kit – The Trowel

The Do It Yourself EIFS Repair Kit

The trowel is a very important tool in the EIFS Repair Kit

The EIFS Repair Kit includes a trowel which is your application tools. The shape of the trowel is perfect for scoping out the cement mix and gives you a great way to spread EIFS Repair Kit Trowelthe cement smoothly onto the wall. The EIFS cement mix is made to be applied very thin, approx. 1/8″ thick with little waves or bumps in the cement coat. The cement coat should be applied with great detail to perfection as the finish coat will only look as good as the cement coat under it. If you can not get it smooth you can let you best work dry and come back and sand it smooth. The best think to sand the cement coat with is floor sand paper. You can find floor sand paper at your local home improvement store. Another thing to keep in mind is that your cement will dry up after time and become very hard to work with. The dry time has a lot to do with the temperature. If you are working on a cloudy 60 degree day you may have about 45 minutes to work with your cement before it begins to show signs of drying up. But if you are out on a sunny 90 degree day you may only have about 10 minutes to complete your project. Keep in mind that the EIFS material should never be applied in weather that is below 40 degrees.

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EIFS Repair Kit – Stir Paddle

The Do It Yourself EIFS Repair Kit

The Stir Paddle is part of The EIFS Repair Kit

The stir paddle is included in the EIFS repair kit because it is a perfect way to mix the cement. It is very important that the cement is mixed throughout and the paddle will EIFS Repair Kit Paddelensure that it is. Make sure that all the dry mix is spun up into the cement mix. And when you add the AR glass to the cement mix make sure you pour the glass in slowly while spinning the mix. The glass should only be spun into the cement mix for about 45 seconds. That is the best period of time to ensure the glass fibers have intermixed with the cement.



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The Cement Mix a part of the EIFS Repair Kit

The Do It Yourself EIFS Repair Kit

The Cement Mix a part of the EIFS Repair Kit

Your EIFS Repair Kit comes with 2lbs. of Cement Mix and to tell you the truth it is more than 3 lbs. The Cement Mix comes in the mixing container and is sealed in a bag.

EIFS Repair Kit Cement Mix

To mix the EIFS cement Mix you will take the bag out of the mixing container and simply add water to the container and slowly add EIFS cement mix while spinning the mix with your paddle until you have a creamy cement. You are looking for cement that is a little thinner that peanut butter.  The important thing here is to add the water first.  If you are filling a hole with the cement you must use the AR Glass in the kit. The AR Glass is added by weight and it is about 3% of the mix total weight so if you were to mix the entire 3lbs. you would need a small handful of glass. For small batches of cement for fixing holes you will just need enough glass so you can see it inter mixed in the cement. Keep in mind that the only reason the glass is used here is to keep the cement from cracking so if there is fibers throughout the cement it will not crack. You still want to be able to spread the cement so don’t get to carried away with the glass fibers. Otherwise, if you are putting a second coat of cement on or are using the fiberglass mesh the cement will be fine without adding the glass fibers. The AR glass fibers are only needed when you are putting the cement mix on thicker than 1/8 of an inch thick. In other words, if you are filling holes that are 1/2 inch to an inch or more deep, you need to use the glass fibers.






EIFS Repair Kit – Do It Yourself

 EIFS Repair Kit – Do It Yourself 

Patch your own Exterior Insulation and Finish System with the original Do It Yourself EIFS Repair Kit

EIFS Repair Kit

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EIFS Repair Kit

EIFS Repair Pro Kit

EIFS Repair Kit

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We have been getting a lot of calls from out of state with customers that want there buildings and houses repaired, but unfortunately, can not find anyone to do the work, Do It Yourself EIFS Repair Kitand they have no idea how to do it themselves. Well, those days are over because we listened, and now we have a great new EIFS Repair Kit.  The kit includes 4.5 lbs of our specially blended fiber glass based EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System) material, mix container, stir paddle, trowel, float, gloves, paint brush, razor knife, foam, fiberglass mesh, AR glass fibers, 3.5 lbs. Fine Finish, 3.5lbs. Medium Finish, 3.5lbs. Coarse Finish, install instructions, and a  helpful DVD to watch before doing your repair. You will have enough material to cover approximately 5 Sq. Ft. of Exterior Insulation and Finish System repairs. Patching your Synthetic stucco has never been easier with the new Repair Kit. How to patch stucco.

For more info on The DIY EIFS Repair Kit Call 1-888-407-2609

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Note: The DIY Repair kit works with all brands of EIFS / Synthetic Stucco including Dryvit, Senergy EIFS, STO, Master Wall, etc.

We have been Exterior Insulation and Finish System repairs in Southeastern Michigan for over 26 years. We know why, when and how the system fails. Over the years we have seen it all.We have put this kit together from years of experience and testing. We have laterally written the book on the subject. With at least 12 classes and certifications on the subject you have someone that has put the time into being educated on the subject and the hands on experience of working in the field. Normally you are getting one or the other it is rare when you find both and that’s what you are getting when you buy the kit. Someone that has both the education and the hands on knowledge of a master of the industry. We have tested the methods and materials of this kit in the field our self literally hundreds of times and made tweaks and changes until it is a perfect kit for small home repairs like woodpecker holes.

The kit comes with 3 standard textures of finish which are fine finish, medium finish and coarse finish. Between the 3 we cover most all texture types. You will have to determine which texture is going to be best for your project. Picking the right texture is critical to having a nice looking patch when it is all finished. Remember that after your patch is completed you are going to paint the patch with paint you have matched at your local paint store. When you paint over the Synthetic Stucco it loses some of it’s texture. So, if you are stuck between a fine finish and a medium then go with the medium and after it is painted it will look more like the fine. We call those textures tweeners, because they are in between textures and are a real pain even for the pros, just do your best. There’s nothing more you can do.

The base coat in the kit takes a long time to setup, so you have plenty of time to use it at least 45 to an hour. On a real hot day though you can cut that in half. Always use cold water to make your mix. The most important part about the cement coat is to get it as smooth as possible. The finish coat is only a sixteenth of an inch thick so it will not cover to much. It is easier to run the classic finish as it is the thickest. That being said the fine finish is the hardest to make look good. Bottom line the better your base coat looks the better your patch will look.

The fiberglass mesh is important for you patch. If you don’t use the mesh the cement coat will crack. The fiberglass mesh is embedded into the base coat.

If you have pictures of your repairs you completed using the kit please send them to us we would love to see them. Send images click >>> Email Pictures


EIFS repair kit

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Do It Yourself EIFS Repair Kit