How to match the color for an EIFS repair

How to match the color for an EIFS repair.

EIFS Repair ‘Tip Of The Day’ for 3-23-2011 – How to match the color of an EIFS repair

One of the hardest things with doing an EIFS repair is matching the color. As I have said in previous posts it is best to go coast-to-coast with all your patches. But, even then it is imperative that the new patches color matches with the rest of the building.  The best way to insure your patch is going to match the existing building is to cut a 3 ich by 3 inch square from the damaged area. I know that sounds bad to make the patch even bigger, but it is by far, the best way to make sure it is going to match. Even if you have the color code from the customer, that does not mean it is not going to be an exact match. The building has been done for some time, and the weather and other environmental conditions have faded the color to some degree.  Having the exact color that went on the building, and from what manufacturer is a great plus, and gives you a good place to start with the color, but some tweaking is going to be in order. Hopefully your local material house has a good color guy on staff. I usually spend a an hour or so with him getting the color exact.

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How to match the color of an EIFS Repair
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How to match the color for an EIFS repair.

The EIFS estimator has been featured on Brothersoft

The EIFS Estimator was release on April First and yes I know, but really it is no joke. The EIFS Estimator is really out and it works great there is no April fools here at all. ItEIFS Estimator Featured on Brothersoft - Free Download is already featured on one of the top download sites on the web – Brothersoft With more  software download sites to pick it up soon. I have made the EIFS Estimator completely free to use. After all we are here to educate and help the EIFS Industry and I believe the EIFS estimator will help many home owners and contractors.

If you have an EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System) project you need a quote for feel free to use the EIFS Estimator totally free.

The EIFS Estimator is used for bidding EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System) also known as Synthetic Stucco or Dryvit. Dryvit is actually one of the main manufactures of the EIFS product they promoted them selfs so much a lot of people think the industry is called Dryvit much like Rollerblade did with inline skates. But in fact there are several big players now in the EIFS Industry as for manufactures of the product which includes Senergy, Sto, Master Wall are a few of the big ones in the Mid West and of course Dryvit.


Getting an EIFS patch to look right

EIFS Repair Tip Of The Day for 3-22-2011

Getting an EIFS patch to look right. How to repair EIFS

One of the keys to getting an EIFS patch to look right is to make sure the patch is feathered in correctly. The patch will stick out from the wall slightly more than the rest of the wall which may not seem like a big deal, but when the sun shines on it the patch will stick out like a sore thumb. The key to preventing this from happening is to use a paint brush to feather your brown mud out past the actual patched area a few inches in all directions. Then when the finish is run the same thing is done. The finish should be feathered a few inches into the existing finish then lightly hit with the float to knock down any high spots. It is important to get a real good texture and color match for best results.

The only other way to do an EIFS Patch in the middle of the wall and have it look alright is to tape off the area to be repaired in a square block. Do the repair and pull the tape after you run the finish coat. The repair will look nice and square like you planned it to look like that, but this technique will show an obvious patch.

Running the EIFS coast to coast (from stopping point to stopping point) can be very expensive on large walls so it is practical to do the EIFS repairs in many situations.

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A good plasterer will use a Curry Trowel | EIFS

EIFS Repair ‘Tip Of The Day’ for 3-9-2011

A good plasterer will use a Curry trowel.

It is pretty common knowledge that Curry trowels are the best, well at least to all of us season vets of the plastering industry outEIFS Repair Curry Trowel there.  For everyone one else take my word for it, there is no better trowel on the market. If you are a EIFS guy, and you don’t have a Curry trowel in your tool bucket, then get you one you’ll love it. I personal use a 14 x 5 Curry Finishing Trowel which in my option is the perfect sized trowel for EIFS. It takes several months to break in a new trowel but after that you are golden with one of these trowels. It does not matter if you use Dryvit, Senergy, Master Wall, Sto or any other material a Curry trowel works the best with them all.

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EIFS Repair – How to float the finish

EIFS Repair – Tip of The day 3-6-2011

How to float the finish coat.

When floating the EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System) Finish coat you will need a plastic float, a trowel and a clean bucket of water with a brush. You will rub the plastic float over the finish on the wall in a circular motion. Every few circles you will clean the plastic float with the trowel. You will do this two times the first time quickly with a firm grip and some pressure on the float making sure to hit every spot on the wall and taking any and all trowel lines away. The second time will be much lighter to clean up any imperfections. After the first round with the float you should make sure you clean the float with your clean water and bucket brush. It is important not to put the float back on the wall while it is wet.

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EIFS Repair - plagiarism warning

 EIFS Repair – How to float the finish

Apply 100% acrylic polymer finish coat over alpha base coat

EIFS – Exterior Insulation and Finish System installation process

Applying the Finish Coat

The EIFS Finish Coat is applied over the Alpha Base Coat. The finish is troweled on and floated with a plastic float. It is very important to have a smooth surface for the finish to be troweled over, as the finish is only about a 1/16 of an inch thick. There are a few textures to choose from. The main three textures are Fine (which has a small aggregate and looks smooth or fine) , Medium (medium has a slightly larger aggregate and has a pebble look), and Coarse (coarse has even a larger aggregate and has a classic stucco look).  When floating the finish it is very important that all floaters use the same technique (every one uses 9″ circles) to keep the wall looking the same everywhere.

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