EIFS Tool Kit for Plastering

EIFS Tool Kit for Plastering

Our ultimate EIFS Tool Kit for Plastering for sale

This kit comes with the perfect set of tools you will need to do EIFS plastering and is priced to sell. Click the buy now button to purchase the EIFS Tool Kit for Plastering

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The kit comes with:

  • one stainless steel premium plastering trowel 12″ x 5″
  • one float
  • one margin trowel
  • one 1″ outside corner tool
  • one 1 1/2″ outside corner tool
  • one 12″ Hawk
  • one bucket brush
  • one tool bag

Obviously, there are other tools we could have put in here, but we wanted to have the tools most plasterers wanted in the kit, so we asked you, and here is what we found everyone wanted in the kit. These are the essential tools that every plasterer needs, and wants, at an affordable price. The tools in this kit are all top notch tools that will last. The trowels are of the best quality, and the rivets will not pop before you can break this trowel in like some other trowels out there. Same with the hawk. I have used some hawks that fall apart in a few days of normal use. These hawks are made to last. Of course, we don’t want you beating them with a hammer, but under normal use if you are diligent with keeping it clean it, will last a good while. That is the reason the kit comes with a bucket brush. Not to clean bucket necessarily, but to keep your tools clean. It is very important to keep your tools clean if you want to have tools that last for years.

Plastering Trowel

Stainless Steel Premium Trowel: These trowels are used by professional Exterior Insulation and Finish System applicators with 20+ years of experience and they really like them. We have not had anyone say they don’t like the trowels. Everyone loves them.



EIFS FloatFloat: The plastic float is an important part of making the job look great. After troweling the finish coat on the float is used to lay down the finish. Having a clean flat float is key to any good plasterers tool bag.



margin trowelMargin Trowel: Most plasterers carry a margin trowel around with them all day. A margin trowel is a great trowel to get in those hard to get areas. It also works great to scrap off excess mud from the back of your trowel between cleanings.



outside corner trowelOutside Corner Tools: We could have included more corner tools, but honestly the most used corner tools and the one inch and the inch and a half, so that is what we have included in the kit to keep the cost down. We did not want to include a bunch of tools you would not you every day. We did not include any inside corners because lets face it most journeyman plasterers do not have a problem making inside corners look great with just a trowel.

Plastering Hawk


Hawk: We went with an aluminum 12″ hawk because it keeps the cost down and it is the best to use with a 12″ trowel. We used to all use a huge 14″ trowel and hawk back in the day, but now that we all have bad wrists and elbows from trying to kill ourselves I think most of us realize a 12″ trowel is a little more practical for the long haul.



Bucket Cleaning Brush

Bucket Brush: It’s obvious job is cleaning buckets, so you can use them to make more mud, but more importantly this brush is used to keep your tools clean and is carried with you in a bucket of water while you work, as to clean your tools frequently.



EIFS tool kit for plastering


Tool Bag: Is used to transport the tools to and from the job site. This heavy duty tool bag will serve you well.



EIFS Tool Kit for Plastering