EIFS Plastering Job in Michigan

EIFS Plastering Job in Michigan

Are you looking for an EIFS Plastering Job in Michigan?

If you are looking for a Synthetic Stucco job in Southeastern Michigan we can help. We are currently looking for reliable journeyman plasterers to work. Reliable transportation is a must. We normally look for professionals with at least 10 years experience, but have hired guys with as little as 5 years experience if they are quick learners and work well. Having your own tools is obviously as must as well. It is important that you not only know how to float but are very good at it. We specialize in repairs, so having a good plastering skill set is a must. It is much harder to do repairs than full installs. Experience with installing kick-out flashing’s is a plus. Duties will include caulking, demo, clean-up and cover-up, hang fiberglass board, light scaffolding, working off ladders, remove and replace, applying liquid moisture barrier and of course being good with your tools. Focusing on repairs means we move from job to job. We don’t stay at a job many days. It’s a steady change of environment for sure. We work in Birmingham, Bingham Farms, Franklin, Bloomfield, Farmington, Livonia, Novi, Canton, Northville, Sterling Heights, Troy, Rochester, and surrounding areas. Are you an EIFS applicator? If you are interested you can fill out an applicationEIFS Plastering Jobs or call us at 888-407-2609. Hiring Synthetic Stucco / Dryvit ® applicators.








EIFS Plastering Job in Michigan

EIFS Certification

EIFS Certification

Your EIFS Applicator should be trained and have a Dryvit Certification

Keeping up to date on the EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System) industry and it’s ever changing technologies is key to being a good applicator. Building codes are changing from year to year with the ‘Green Moment’ at the fore front of American Building. New standards and technologies are being introduced to the Synthetic Stucco industry like never before. Test data from the Department of Energy indicates Exterior Insulation and Finish System will be a formidable product for years to come to help America reduce its energy consumption from the building sector, which at present uses about 10% of the worlds energy produced.

Corey Turcotte, eifsrepair.info, A display of current Certifications by Industry leading manufactures and Universities including BASF, Dryvit, Senergy, Master Wall, Parex, Build Design plus Construction University, and Hanley Wood University

Dryvit Certifications

Dryvit certified Applicator


  Outsulation System

The original system





Dryvit Cert Outsulation Plus  Outsulation Plus System

Uses the liquid moisture barrier over the substrate





Dryvit-Cert-Outsulation-X  Outsulation X System

Uses foam with a high R value but the foam cannot be sanded 






EIFS Certification

EIFS CertificationEIFS CertificationInfrared Thermography Inspection Training Course

EIFS repair thermal imaging


A thermal imaging camera is a great tool to have if you do EIFS repairs for a living. 





Master Wall Exterior Insulation and Finish System Applicator Certification

EIFS Certification


Master Wall Applicator Certification







Parex Applicator Certification

EIFS Certification



Parex Applicator Certification







EIFS Certification BASF Online Campus For High-Performance Construction


High Performance EIFS for Sustainable Construction





EIFS Certification

BASF Online Campus For High-Performance Construction


 Sealant Repairs that Last: Hybrid Sealants for Building Restoration





Spray Polyurethane Foam Air Barriers BASF Online Campus For High-Performance Construction


Spray Polyurethane Foam Air Barriers







Hanley Wood University – Continuing Education & Training
for Architects, Builders, Contractors and Remodelers

EIFS CertificationProperties and Benefits of Exterior Insulated Finishing Systems (EIFS) – Sponsor, EIMA (EIFS Industry Members Association)







EIFS CertificationContinuous Insulated Claddings for Energy Efficiency and Architectural Diversity – Dryvit ® Dryvit Care ® 







 Build Design + Construction University

BASF Sustainable Construction Academy

EIFS CertificationNew Developments in Concrete Construction







An Overview of Pest Bird Deterrent Systems Certification


EIFS Bird Deterent SystemAn overview of bird deterrent products, along with the characteristics of common pest birds, bird problem assessment, and the issues and concerns associated with the roosting and nesting of pest birds.





Manage Moisture: Solutions for Exterior Walls

EIFS Repair Michigan

Common mistakes that lead to moisture failures, how to recognize them and then prevent them. 





Moisture Management in Walls

EIFS / Dryvit Repair in Southeast Michigan

Managing and preventing moisture in residential walls






EIFS certification

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EIFS / Dryvit Certification