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Images of EIFS – Dryvit Projects


Ann Arbor Meijer

Maxx and Erma’s Rochester

Tempary Fix on Kroger

Repair on Columns

EIFS / Dryvit Repair Signs

Repairs on Luther Hills

Roof Rakes

Monroe Michigan

House in West Bloomfield Michigan

Remove & Replace

Projects completed over the years in Southeastern Michigan. From strip malls to woodpecker holes you will find a little of everything in our gallery and if you click the links they will take you to projects of interest as well. The remove and replace link above is a great gallery to check out as it shows the complete remove and replace process from start to finish. The roof rake link shows the process of fixing a roof rake that has the Synthetic Stucco all the way to the shingles, which is an interesting one as well.

EIFS – Dryvit – Synthetic Stucco – Exterior Insulation and Finish System Images