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Residential and Commercial Repairs

EIFS – Exterior Insulation and Finish System ‘aka’ Dryvit or Synthetic Stucco.
Corey Turcotte is the EIFS Repair guy with over 25 years experience. Dryvit certified applicator.


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We have no problem doing the big jobs or the small ones. We do complete remove and replace on large retirement facilities, all the way down, to a few woodpecker holes on a home. We do the installation the correct way. When we get done with the repairs, you can be assured, it was done right. After all, most of the time we are doing repairs in the first place is because someone did not do it right the first time around. Finding the source of the problem is a big part of doing repairs, and that is why we like to do thermal imaging and moisture testing before we do repairs. We can get a better idea of the nature of the damages if we do the testing first. This helps prevent any surprises during repairs. It is beneficial to our clients to have a good understanding of the problems before we start the repairs.

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