EIFS Woodpecker Damages

Woodpeckers and other birds seem to like the EIFS Stucco

I am not really sure why the woodpeckers like EIFS stucco. I originally thought it was because moisture had got behind the system and they were feeding on bugs. That has not stood up to my years of testing in the field. Actually, I believe it has to do with the roosting season at least for the woodpeckers. It seems the other birds are more interested in the hole after the woodpecker makes it, for the most part anyways. I found the other birds pull the foam out to build their nest, or use the hole as a nest. I have seen them tunnel out several feet of foam and live right inside the synthetic stucco wall. Patching the hole is relatively simple, but just patching the hole is not always acceptable. Sure, after patching the hole it prevents water from entering the system, so functionally it works, but most customers do not want to look at an ugly patch on their home. Blending a patch into the existing wall and not being able to see it once you are done is next to impossible. Typically if a customer wants the wall to look like it had never been patch you would have to redo the entire wall the hole is on. I have found over the years most commercial building owners can live with a patch on the building and home owners want it to look new again. Repairing the damages is really just half the battle. Keeping the birds from doing it again can be a real challenge. After deterring the woodpeckers away, in most cases they will roost at a nearby location and then when someone chases them away form there, odds are, they find their way back after a season or two.

EIFS Woodpecker Damage

There are a lot of different woodpecker deterrents out there that people buy. Just to let you know most of them don’t work. Your best beat is the pie tin in the farmers field technique.

Synthetic Stucco Bird Damages