EIFS – Boxing off your finish

EIFS Repair – Tip Of The Day – 3-4-11

Boxing off your finish.

Before you run your finish it is very important to make sure every bucket is exactly the same color. If it is not it is important to box the finish off. Which means you get an empty bucket and start pouring half a bucket into the empty and continue mixing the buckets and spinning them with a drill and paddle until all the buckets have been mixed together so all the finish is exactly the same color. If you are using tint packs this is a good idea and you should always have one guy appointed to mixing the tint packs in the finish.

note: it is a good idea to buy your finish for your job all at the same time as the finish comes in batches and one batch maybe a little different than the next which can alter the color a shade at times.

EIFS how too, box off your finish.

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EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system) also know as synthetic stucco

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