EIFS Repair Social Media

EIFS Repair’s Social Media Connections

EIFS Repair Facebook Facebook fan page. Our Facebook page is one of the best ways to keep up with all the new things going on at EIFS Repair. Plus you will find image of jobs completed links to our video archives as well.


EIFS Repair social media
EIFS Repair social media

EIFS Repair TwitterTwitter. Everyones about Twitters 160 character messages so, if you like to comb over a list of short and to the point posts on whats going on at EIFS Repair then our Twitter page is exactly what your looking for.

EIFS Repair Google Our Page at Google. Google is the big guy on the block so it would be silly of us not to have our profile on Google, so here it is.

Photobucket. We have a great photo album on Photobucket you can take a look at. I just love the way Photobucket does such a good job with the albums there.


EIFS Repair at Break.com.

Our Page at Stupid Videos.

Our Bitlinks at bit.ly

Favorite Music at Last FM

Our Diigo

Our videos at YouTube.

Our Page at MySpace.

Social media is very important to us. I hope you will follow us on all our social media places. Tweet us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, Subscribe to us on YouTube, watch our videos and read our posts all over the internet. If you want to get a hold of us you can do it directly through email too or visit the contact us page. We, however, do love to hear from folks through our social media so feel free to post a comment on Facebook.

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