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Determining what moisture barrier product to use

Exterior Insulation and Finish System Installation Process

Determining what moisture barrier product to use

There are several moisture barrier products out there these days and determining which one to use has a lot to do with what type of EIFS application you are going to be using. Are you going to be applying over OSB, Brick, a Block wall. The budget can also a determining factor. There are two good products which are; a rolled on air and moisture barrier and a wrap. The wrap is known as StuccoWrap® which is a lot like traditional Tyvek® , but it has ridges in it to help drain moisture. And the rolled application which all manufacturers have a version of. I personal like to use Senergy’s Senerg-Shield-R® version of the product. Either way you go they both work great. It is mandatory that you use Stucco Flashing Tape around the windows and doors. Stucco tape is a moisture barrier tape that is a rubberized asphalt membrane and it’s top layer is polyester which Alpha Base Coat adheres to very well.


  • DensGlass Gold®
  • OSB
  • Block Wall
  • Brick

Stucco Wrap

  • OSB
  • DensGlass Gold®

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